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Terms of condition

    Chapter 1: General Provisions

    1. Article 1 [Purpose)
      1. These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the 'Terms and Conditions') are for use of the website (http://www.abovsemi.com) (hereinafter referred to as the 'Homepage') provided by ABOV Semiconductor Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the 'Company'). The purpose of this is to specifically stipulate all matters related to service subscription conditions and other necessary matters between users (hereinafter referred to as 'users').

    2. Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
      1. ① The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows.
      2. - A 'user' refers to who agrees to these terms and conditions and uses the service.
      3. - 'Use contract' refers to all contracts concluded between the company and the user concerning the use of the service, including these terms and conditions.
      4. - 'Terminal' refers to computerized devices such as personal computers and mobile phones used by users to access the service.
      5. ② Among the terms used in these Terms and Conditions, those not specified in Paragraph 1 shall be governed by the relevant laws for each service otherwise It will abide by general regulations and guidance.

    3. Article 3 (Effect and Change of Terms of Use)
      1. ① These terms and conditions are disclosed online through the 'homepage' and take effect with the consent of the user and the company's consent. The amended terms and conditions take effect by notifying them through the 'website' by due process.
      2. ② Users must regularly visit the 'homepage' to check the changes to the terms and conditions, and the company is not responsible for any damage to users caused by not knowing the information about the changed terms and conditions.

    4. Article 4 (Rules other than the terms and conditions)
        If necessary, the company may set individual terms and conditions or operating principles (hereinafter referred to as 'guidelines for each service'). In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and the content of the guidance for each service, the content of the guidance for each service takes precedence.

  1. Chapter 2 Conclusion of Use contract

    1. Article 5 (Establishment of Use Agreement)
      1. ① The use contract is established by approving consent to the contents of the user's use contract and application for use.
      2. ② Consent to the use contract is expressed by clicking the 'I agree' button on the application at the time of application for use.

    2. Article 6 (Application for Service Use)
      1. ① A user who wants to use the service by subscribing as a user must provide all information requested by the company (company name, name, email, country name, application of interest, purpose of use, etc.).
      2. ② All users must provide their information to use the service, and users who have not registered their true information, such as stealing other people's information or registering false information, have no rights concerning service use. You cannot claim it, and you may be punished according to the relevant laws and regulations.
      3. ③ User registration must be done only through the user's true information, and the company can take measures to confirm the information registered by the user. Users must actively cooperate with the company's confirmation measures, and if this is not followed, the company may treat the information registered by the user as illegal.
      4. ④ The company may differentiate the use by subdividing the use time, number of times of use, service menu, etc. for users as needed.

    3. Article 7 (Technical Documentation and Software Download Service)
      1. ① To download ABOV Semiconductor specific technical documents and software, you can enter information according to the prescribed application form.

    4. Article 8 (How to use technical documents and software download service, procedures)
      1. ① Downloading of technical documents and software related to Article 7 above is possible only by accessing the ABOV Semiconductor website and entering necessary user information.
      2. ② When the input is completed, a download request is automatically applied to the person in charge of the company.
      3. ③ After checking the user's information, the person in charge provides downloadable information through e-mail if it is determined as a customer.
      4. ④ Downloaded technical documents can only be used within the scope of the specified purpose of use.

    5. Article 9 (Protection and Use of Personal Information)
      1. ① The company strives to protect users' personal information following the relevant laws and regulations. For the protection and use of personal information, the relevant laws and the company's privacy policy apply. However, the company's privacy policy does not apply to linked sites other than the company's official site. In addition, users must thoroughly manage their personal information not to be exposed to others, and the company is not responsible for the information exposed due to attributable reasons.
      2. ② The company may provide the user's personal information to a third party within the scope permitted by law in the following cases.
        1. - When requested to provide information from investigative agencies or other government agencies
        2. - When it is necessary for the user to check for fraudulent acts, including violation of laws or terms and conditions
        3. - When required by other laws

    6. Article 10 (Approval and Restriction of Application for Use)
      1. ① The company, in principle, approves the use of the service in a sequence of receipt if there is no disruption in business performance or technology for the application for use under Articles 5 and 6.
      2. ② The company may withhold approval in the following cases.
        1. - In case of an application for use without providing true information of the person
        2. - In case of application was made for the purpose of violating laws or undermining social well-being, order, and morals
        3. - If you want to use this service for illegal purposes
        4. - When a person in the same company or competitor wants to use it to understand the company's information
        5. - If you want to use this service to pursue profit
        6. - In case of an application by a user whose contract of use has been canceled in violation of laws or the terms and conditions
        7. - In case of application in violation of other regulations
      3. ③ If the application for use of the service falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the company may withhold the approval of the application until the reasons for the restriction on acceptance are resolved.
        1. - In case of technical difficulties in the company
        2. - If it is difficult to approve the use due to reasons attributable to the company
      4. ④ After the completion of the user procedure, the company may withdraw the consent for use if the cause under each subparagraph of Paragraph 2 is found.

  2. Chapter 3 Obligations of the Contracting Parties

    1. Article 11 (Obligations of the company)
      1. ① The company allows users to use the service on the desired service start date unless there are issues.
      2. ② To provide continuous and stable service, the company repairs or restores equipment without delay unless there is an unavoidable reason.
      3. ③ The company establishes a security system to protect personal information and complies with the privacy policy.
      4. ④ If the opinions or complaints are raised by users, It also is objectively recognized as justifiable, the company will immediately process them through appropriate procedures, but if it is difficult to process them immediately, the company will notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule.

    2. Article 12 (Obligations of Users)
      1. ① When entering user information, the user must fill in all matters based on the facts as his or her true information, and cannot assert all related rights when registering false or other people's information.
      2. ② Users must comply with the matters stipulated in the Terms and Conditions and other matters set forth by the company, such as the company's announcements and related laws and regulations, and any acts that interfere with the company's business or damage the company's reputation. You must not do anything that harms others.
      3. ③ Users cannot engage in business activities using technical documents without the prior consent of the company, and the user is obligated to compensate for damages to the company, the company limits the use of services to the user and can demands damages through legal procedures, etc. can be charged.
      4. ④ The user cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status in the contract of use to another person, and cannot provide it as collateral without the express consent of the company.
      5. ⑥ Users must not infringe all rights, including intellectual property rights, of the company and third parties, or do any act corresponding to Article 18.

  3. Chapter 4 Use of Services

    1. Article 13 (Service Use Hours)
      1. ① In principle, service use is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there is any obstacle in the business or technology of the company. However, the company may temporarily suspend the service on the day or time set by the company for regular system inspection, expansion, and replacement, and the suspension of the service due to scheduled work is notified in advance through the 'homepage'
      2. ② The company may temporarily suspend all or part of the service without prior notice in the event of unavoidable reasons such as urgent system inspection, expansion, and replacement, equipment failure, the rush of service use, national emergency, power outage, etc.
      3. ③ If necessary for service operation such as service reorganization, the company may suspend the provision of all or part of the service after prior notice to the user.

    2. Article 14 (Copyright for Posts)
      1. ① Copyrights and other intellectual property rights for posts or works created by the company belong to the company.

    3. Article 15 (Provision of Information)
      1. ① The company may provide users with various information deemed necessary to use the service by e-mail, letter mail, SMS, or telephone.
      2. ② Under relevant laws, the company may collect additional personal information with the consent of the user to improve the service and introduce the service to users.

  4. Chapter 5 Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use

    1. Article 16 (Termination of Contract)
      1. ① When a user wants to cancel the contract of use, the user must send an e-mail to the administrator for the cancellation of the subscription.
      2. ② When the company terminates the use contract, the user's personal information is deleted by the 'homepage' privacy policy. In this case, the user is notified of this, and if the company intends to terminate the use contract ex officio, the user is allowed to explain before the cancellation.

    2. Article 17 (Restriction on Service Use)
      1. The company may restrict the use of the service, initialize, terminate the use contract, and other relevant measures if the user violates Article 11 (Obligations of the user) in the contents of the service use, or falls under any of the following subparagraphs.
      2. ① Registering illegal contents in user information, stealing another person's user ID, password, other personal information, and trading or providing user ID with others
      3. ② Transmitting, posting, e-mailing or disseminating sentences, figures, sounds, videos with vulgar, obscene content that violates public order and morals or may infringe the honor and privacy of others
      4. ③ Acts that harass or threaten other users, or cause continuous pain or inconvenience to specific users
      5. ④ Hacking the company's server, or arbitrarily changing the company's client program, part or all of the website, and posted information without being granted special rights by the company
      6. ⑤ Acts of copying information obtained through the service for purposes other than service use, using it for publication and broadcasting, or providing it to a third party without prior consent of the company
      7. ⑥ Acts that interferes with the normal service operation, such as impersonating the company's management, employees, or related persons, or intentionally interfering with the service
      8. ⑦ When there is a request for correction by a related public institution such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee
      9. ⑧ When there is a violation of the company's important security regulations
      10. ⑨ Violating all laws and regulations, such as infringing all regulations set by the company, including the terms and conditions, or objectively judged to be related to a crime

  5. Chapter 6 Compensation for Damages and Other Matters

    1. Article 18 (Compensation for Damages)
      1. ① The company and the user shall compensate the other party for any damage caused intentionally or negligently in connection with the use of the service.
      2. ② The company shall not be liable for any damage concerning the use of the service provided free of charge as long as it does not violate the provisions of these terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

    2. Article 19 (Disclaimer)
      1. ① The company is exempted from responsibility for service provision if it is unable to provide the service due to natural disasters, war, service suspension of key telecommunication service providers, or other equivalent force majeure.
      2. ② The company is exempted from liability for damage caused by unavoidable reasons such as repair, replacement, regular inspection, and construction of service facilities.
      3. ③ The company is not responsible for any damage caused by the user's computer error or if the user has incorrectly entered personal information and e-mail address.
      4. ④ The company is not responsible for the failure or loss of the expected profit by using the service, and the company is not responsible for any damage caused by the data obtained while using the service.
      5. ⑤ The company is not responsible for the reliability and accuracy of various information, data, facts, etc. posted by users on the service, and is not responsible for intervening in disputes between users and third parties through the service. There is no obligation and no liability for damages resulting therefrom.
      6. ⑥ The company has no obligation to pre-examine the user's postings before registering, checking, or reviewing the contents of the postings regularly, and is not responsible for the results.

    3. Article 20 (Notice)
      1. ① If the company notifies the user, it can be sent to your e-mail address that you entered on the website by e-mail
      2. ② If the company needs to notify a large number of unspecified users, it may be replaced with an individual notice by posting it on the bulletin board of the 'homepage' for more than 7 days.

    4. Article 21 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
      1. ① Matters not specified in these terms and conditions are subject to the relevant laws and commercial practices of the Republic of Korea.
      2. ② If a lawsuit is filed against a dispute arising out of service use, the court having jurisdiction over the address under the Civil Procedure Act shall be the jurisdiction of the settlement.

    5. * Supplement
      1. These Terms and Conditions will be effective from July 1, 2021