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Symbol Mark

The corporate mark of ABOV semiconductor represents both wings of a bird by connecting A and V in a similar shape and shows the will of continuous progress. The blue color selected as the main color symbolizes the image of challenge and innovation, which is the philosophy of ABOV semiconductor. Green color embodies the image of "The environmental fiendly semiconductor".

Word Mark

Word mark is not only the overall visual of the corporation and but also the holistic part of ABOV. It becomes the basic element constituting the CI (Corporate Identity) and highest medium of ABOV''s CI. Therefore, Word Mark is the face of the corporation and the center of visual communication. When proper use and thorough care is taken, we can enhance the corporate image.

Color System

  • C 100 M 79 K 9
    PANTONE 2747C
  • C 50 Y 100
    PANTONE 376C
  • K 72
    PANTONE 7540C
  • C 46 M 38 Y 36 K 4
    PANTONE 877C
  • K 15
    PANTONE 420C

Exclusive color is the symbolic color of the corporation. This color is an important element building the unique image of the corporate philosophy and showing progress of the corporation. ABOV’s exclusive color consists of Main Color and Sub Color. Main Color and Sub Color can be selected and utilized in consideration of the image and harmony between symbol and logo type. Individual printing is mandatory for the correct management of the color. When individual printing is impossible, however, it is advised to print after adjusting the color proximate to Pantone Color.