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Management Philosophy

"Customer-oriented challenge and innovation"


o be Global Top Smart MCU Innovator in 2025 with revenue of $500 million.

Core Values

Customer Focus

  • We know correctly who our customers are.
  • We try to move customer's hearts even with small details.
  • We learn from and grow with customers.

Talent Growth

  • We continuously learn and grow.
  • We attract and grow the talent for growth.
  • We establish an environment where employees can show their competencies.

Prime Technologies

  • We fortify driving technology (No. 1).
  • We deploy the Sweet Spot (Share 1).
  • We develop specialized technology (Only 1).


  • We have the conviction of "nothing is impossible."
  • We do things immediately until completed and certainly.
  • We continuously pursue change and challenge.


  • We find our potential through success.
  • We respect each other with mutual trust.
  • We communicate effectively with praise and consideration.