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"Customer Satisfaction"
It is the lifeblood of ABOV Semiconductor.

Since our spin-off from MagnaChip Semiconductor (previously Hynix Semiconductor) in 2006, we have become a leading semiconductor company with a foremost emphasis on “customer-centric challenge and innovation”.

ABOV Semiconductor's integrated solution, based on its Microcontroller Unit (MCU) technology along with sensor and connectivity, is leading the digital world with innovations in AI and IoT technology driven by the 5G era.
We have been successful in creating new markets through constant challenges and technological innovations. Moreover, not only are we establishing a successful foundry-fabless collaboration model within Korea, but also creating a symbiotic ecosystem between academia and industry.

Now, as an innovation leader of Smart MCU market connected by sensors and connectivity, we will set forth to relentlessly provide value to our customers and emerge as a global MCU leader.

"People, Technology, and the Future"
The three most important things we think.

ABOV Semiconductor is a group of individuals striving to dominate global Controller markets. Based on more than 30 years’ worth of experience and technology, we dare say ABOV Semiconductor is a castle on a strong foundation and never collapses.

We promise to create and maximize customer value with our passion and ability. We ask for your steadfast support and interest. Thank you.

CEO of ABOV Semiconductor
Choi Won