OCD Debugger Software


OCD Debugger is a source level 8 bit debugger program for Windows PC.
The OCD debugger has many features for debugging the target microcontroller connected to the on-chip debugger interface, such as the E-OCD II.


▶ Detect the target device automatically
▶ Use symbolic debugging
▶ Source file view
▶ Global/Local variables view
▶ Each device’s SFR (special function register) names
▶ Display various target memories: CODE, XDATA, IDATA, and SFR
▶ Users can edit these data sets directly in the debugger
▶ Display code data in a disassembled format
▶ Support line assembly
▶ Support break toggling
▶ Calculate code checksum
▶ Support the following emulation methods:
◎ Real-time emulation
◎ Step emulation (source line level or code level)
◎ Emulation abortion
▶ Save and load the most recent debugging environment automatically.

All Tools & Support (Downloadable)

  • Executable File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    OCD Debugger 32-bit Eng 2.042.02
    OCD Debugger 64-bit Eng 2.042.02
  • Manual
    Title Type Language Version Download
    OCD Driver Installer for Windows Multi 1.01
    Starter Kit E-OCD Hardware Manual Eng 1.0.0
    E-OCD II Debugger Manual Eng 1.0.2
  • History File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    OCD Debugger History Eng 2.042.02

* For further information on the devices, please contact: sales_gl@abov.co.kr