E-PGM/E-Gang Series Software


The software and firmware of E-PGM+, E-GANG4/6 and E-PGM Serial are able to be downloaded from the ABOV Semiconductor’s website. The firmware of individual devices has been developed and fully tested by ABOV Semiconductor, and the certified version of program will be uploaded to the website.
And additional software updates are provided through the special version development process upon request by customers. For more information about the special version development, please get in touch with our sales representatives.
The E-PGM+, E-GANG4/GANG6 and E-PGM Serial share a software program.


▶ Delivering fast programming speed for mass manufacturing
▶ Standalone programming and automated programming.
▶ Support USB(2.0 Full speed) interface with Microsoft Windows.
▶ Support Gang programmer mode using four or six socket devices.
▶ Support On-board programmer using in-system programming (ISP) mode.
▶ Programming supports the main code area and the option area as well
▶ Support Motorola HEX,Intel-HEX, Binary File Format
▶ Management by Programmer Project HPO File
▶ Option Programming feature - Lock/Unlock,Password, etc.
▶ Selectable Target VDD
▶ Code/Data flash Erase feature
▶ Serial ID Programming feature
▶ Programmer Self Check
▶ Support for Windows 7/8/10 Operating System

All Tools & Support (Downloadable)

  • Executable File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM+ Driver Installer for Windows Eng 1.7
    E-PGM+ Tool for Windows Eng 1.141.00
  • Manual
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM/E-GANG Series Manual Eng 1.0.2
    E-PGM/E-GANG Series Technical Info. Eng 2.70
  • History File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM/E-Gang Series History file Eng V1.141.00

* For further information on the devices, please contact: sales_gl@abov.co.kr