E-PGM Serial


E-PGM Serial is a standalone type programmer that is optimized for on-board programming purposes.
Especially, the E-PGM Serial has reinforced its durability by adding the protection circuitry to the input/output ports for harsh board level manufacturing line, and has improved its downloading speed by adding a programming buffer.


▶ Universal programmer for ABOV MCUs​
▶ Supports on-board programming only.​
▶ Provides Auto/Erase/Program/Verify functions for ABOV MCUs.​
▶ Provides Read Protection, Checksum, and On-chip Trim functions.​
▶ Supports manufacturing solutions through external interfaces.​
▶ 10-pin connector for on-board programming​
▶ Enhanced protection circuitry for external I/O ports​
▶ 8MB expanded memory for speed​
▶ Cost saving programmer for on-board programming​
▶ Supports ABOV 94/95/96/97 MCU series excluding MC97F1x04S and 1316S.​
▶ Supports all ABOV 32-bit products.

All Tools & Support (Downloadable)

  • Executable File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM+ Driver Installer for Windows Eng 1.7
    E-PGM+ Tool for Windows Eng 1.141.00
  • Manual
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM/E-GANG Series Manual Eng 1.0.2
    E-PGM+/E-PGM Serial Comparison Eng 1.0
    E-PGM/E-GANG Series Technical Info. Eng 2.70
  • History File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    E-PGM/E-Gang Series History file Eng V1.141.00

* For further information on the devices, please contact: sales_gl@abov.co.kr