‘aLightSens’ is a Graphic User Interface (GUI) tool that is used to acquire and analyze raw data of ABOV’s optic sensor AL8844. It is a combination of AL8844 test board, E-OCD II, and interface cable.
Using ABOV’s own debugging tool, E-OCD II, ‘aLightSens’ acquires raw data through I2C communication.
There are five types of the raw data: Red, Green, Blue, Clear, and IR, and you can see changes in the raw data that increases or decreases according to the intensity of light corresponding to each type.
‘aLightSens’ provides a better analysis environment where you can easily output data in the form of a graph and store it in Excel format.
‘aLightSens’ features the followings:


▶ Acquisition and analysis of Optic data such as Red, Green, Blue, Clear, IR
▶ Graph-based analysis of raw data
▶ Register change function (Gain, Integration Time register)
▶ Excel format saving function
▶ Interworking function of ABOV standard OCD and Optic Sensor (E-OCD II)
▶ I2C interface

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