E-OCD stands for "Enhanced On-Chip Debugger". E-OCD II is a debugger tool for ABOV 8-bit MCUs.
It is dedicated to on-board programming and debugging through OCD serial interface, which uses 2-pin (DSCL, DSDA) or 3-pin (DSCL, DSDA, RunFlag). The E-OCD II debugger supports all 8051 8-bit devices of ABOV.​
In particular, additional protection circuits are added to the input and output ports of the E-OCD II to improve durability and safety of the board-level manufacturing stage.
It has high driver stability, simple power function and more convenient functions.​
* This product is for development and is not suitable for mass production environment.


▶ Debug emulator device only for ABOV 8-bit MCUs​
▶ Supports ABOV 94/95/96/97 series of 8-bit MCUs (compatible with OCD I and OCD II).​
▶ Supports debugging and onboard programming.​
▶ 10-pin external connector for debugging and programming​
▶ Supports ISP through the dedicated serial interface (DSCL, DSDA).​
▶ High driver compatibility and stability by using USB HID communication​
▶ Additional Level Shift IC to the communication port for low level transmission​
▶ Improved external I/O port protection circuit (including an ESD protection circuit)​
▶ Supports power supply control to the target board (max. 50mA).​
▶ Target system operating voltage: 3V to 6V​
▶ Supports Low Voltage Communication with 1.0V to 5.5V.

All Tools & Support (Downloadable)

  • Executable File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    OCD Debugger 32-bit Eng 2.042.02
    OCD Debugger 64-bit Eng 2.042.02
    aFlasher8 (8-bit Flash Downloader) Eng 1.002.03
  • Manual
    Title Type Language Version Download
    Starter Kit E-OCD Hardware Manual Eng 1.0.0
    E-OCD II Debugger Manual Eng 1.0.2
  • History File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    OCD Debugger History Eng 2.042.02
    aFlasher8 History Eng 1.002.03
  • Supplement File
    Title Type Language Version Download
    DLL file for KEIL 8051 Debugger Eng V2.042.02(221031)
    DLL file for IAR EW8051 V10.1x/V10.2x Eng 10.10
    DLL file for IAR EW8051 V10.3x/V10.4x Eng 10.30

* For further information on the devices, please contact: sales_gl@abov.co.kr