Logic Sensor IC


• Optic Sensors
- ABOV has a portfolio of Light Sensor and Color Sensor product lines that support high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. This can help reduce power consumption of the applications by implementing Display Brightness Control and Precision Color Identification.
AL8844 is applied with the technology of precision color measurement and identification. A filter is applied in the visible light region to block IR component and ABOV’s own data processing algorithm enables the precision color measurement and identification.

• Logic Touch Sensors
- ABOV’s Capacitive Touch product line supports High-sensitivity and Low Power mode, and is available for a wide variety of applications. Years of field-proven Touch Engines provide Auto Sensitivity Calibration to offer user convenience.
AT31xx series is an 8 channels (12 channels) Capacitive Touch Sensor. With High-sensitivity and Low Power capabilities, it can be applied to any type of application at minimum settings.

• Driver ICs
- Segment LED Driver is used for the Mixed Signal LED Driver application in the system. This product offers the solutions for Power Management, Signal Condition and Smart Interface, and significantly improves user’s power efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
Segment LCD Driver is used for the general interface system of LCD Display that has analog and digital inputs. Data Bus and Pixel Clocks can process digital data of vertical and horizontal synchronous signals, and controls the brightness with input voltage signal, while LCD Controller drives all corresponding interface lines.
Segment VFD Driver IC can be applied flexibly to a variety of applications, providing high-quality display solutions. Its operation voltage ranges from 2.7V to 5.5V, and it interfaces with an MCU through a serial interface circuit. The Segment VFD Driver IC is used for Electronic Scales, Home Appliances, Audio Player, and DVD Players.