L2 (Cortex M0+, Low Power)


Devices in ABOV Semiconductor’s Cortex®-M0+-based 32-bit L2 Series deliver 32-bit performance including external communication and deep sleep mode, along with Ultra Low Power (ULP) function. L2 series can be applied to various battery-operated applications.

▶ A31L21x : Max. 128KB Flash memory/ 20KB SRAM/ 4KB Data Flash memory
▶ Communication: USART(2-ch)/ UART(1-ch)/ LP UART(1-ch)/ 1Mbps I2C(Max. 3-ch)/ SPI(Max. 4-ch)/ Smart card I/F: ISO-7816-3(1-ch)
▶ Power Consumption: Run mode: 90uA/MHz
▶ Deep sleep mode 0: 0.99uA (with RTC), Shutdown mode: 45nA (All off)

◎ Operating Frequency : 32MHz
◎ Operating Voltage : 1.71V ~ 3.6V
◎ Operating Temperature : -40℃ ~ +85/105℃
◎ Key Features : LCD driver/ ULP/ LP UART/ LP Timer/ Comparator/ 12-bit ADC (1Msps)/ AES-128/ 128-bit Unique ID/ Deep sleep mode
◎ Potential Application : Smart meters / Smart card readers / Door lock / Building and home control / IoT devices / Wireless sensor networks / Portable healthcare / Portable consumer electronics / Battery operated applications

Family LineUp

A31L214KN A31L213CL A31L213RL A31L214ML A31L214KU A31L213KN A31L213CL A31L213RL A31L213ML A31L213KU