G1 (Cortex M0+, Basic)


Devices in ABOV Semiconductor’s Cortex®-M0+-based 32-bit G1 Series deliver optimal functions for home appliances which is comparable to 8-bit and 16-bit MCU markets.

▶ A31G11x:Max. 32KB Flash memory/ 4KB SRAM/ 6-High current port; Communication: USART/ UART/ I2C(Max. 2-ch)
▶ A31G12x : Max. 64KB Flash memory/ 6KB SRAM/ 8-High current port; Communication: USART(Max. 4-ch)/ UART(Max. 2-ch)/ I2C(Max. 3-ch)
▶ A31R713 : Max. 64KB Flash memory/ 8KB SRAM/ Communication: USART(Max. 2-ch)/ UART(Max. 1-ch)/ I2C(Max. 1-ch)

◎ Operating Frequency : 40MHz
◎ Operating Voltage : 1.8V ~ 5.5V
◎ Operating Temperature : - 40℃ ~ + 85/105℃
◎ Key Features : LCD driver/ High current port/ 12-bit ADC / ADC trigger function/ 96-bit Unique ID
◎ Potential Application : Mass consumer & Small home appliances / Various controllers & modules /
IoT products / Other home appliances

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