Universal Remote Controller MCUs


ABOV Semiconductor's Universal Remote Control Microcontrollers are optimized for remote controller applications, especially for multi-purpose remote controllers commonly used by TVs and set-top boxes that need to control various different devices with a single controller. ABOV UR MCUs cover the entire spectrum of universal remote requirements with memories ranging from 16KB to 96KB, and integrate state-of-the-art IR learning amplifier circuit within the chip to acquire IR signals from numerous different controllers to support true universal remote control through a single device. These Microcontrollers can learn IR from half a meter away, making them ideal for IoT hub devices such as AI Speakers or Smart IR Hub devices.

▶ A96R150 : M8051 / 96KB Flash memory / Integrated IR Learning OPAMP / (Key scan) M-key
▶ A96R136 : M8051 / 16KB Flash memory / Integrated IR Learning OPAMP / (Key scan) M-key T-key

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