LCD Remote Controller MCUs(R Series)


ABOV Semiconductor's LCD microcontroller supports a wider portfolio in packages and memories and they are specially designed to integrated all necessary functions for applications of LCD remote controllers. These microcontrollers offer with capacitor-biased boost circuitry within the chip to provide a crystal-clear LCD display VLC precision within 7% and low-power consumption.

▶ A31R713 : Cortex-M0+ / 64KB Flash memory / (LCD) 38SEG x 8COM
▶ A96R739 : M8051 / 48KB Flash memory / (LCD) 32SEG x 8COM
▶ A96R717 : M8051 / 24KB Flash memory / (LCD) 32SEG x 8COM
▶ A96R725 : M8051 / ) 12KB Flash memory / (LCD) 26SEG x 8COM

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