Remote Controller Solution


ABOV’s R series microcontroller meets all requirements of IR Remote Controller and RF Remote Controller applications. With a balanced architecture specializing in the Remote Controller applications, it incorporates a variety of functions, low power technology, and high-efficient processor in a single chip. Low cost, robustness, long product life, and significantly reduced power consumption are the optimal features of R series that satisfy the requirements of the Remote Controller applications.

• LCD Remote Controller MCUs
- ABOV’s LCD Remote Controller MCU mainly supports Segment LCD Driver, Push Button, and digital interfaces like SPI, UART and I2C. In addition, it provides Power Management and Low Power mode (0.5uA@Stop mode) to optimize the battery life.
A96R LCD product line is based on M8051 core. As an efficient microcontroller for the next generation, it is an upgraded product in terms of reducing BOM costs, reducing current consumption, and improving performance.
A31R series is based on the Cortex-M0+ core. It provides rich peripherals to be easily applied to the applications that require sufficient SRAM, such as OLED Remote Controller.

• Universal Remote Controller MCUs
- ABOV’s A96R UR series supports a patented IR Learning Function which shows world’s best performance (World’s Longest IR Learning Distance and World’s Largest Frequency Range).
It is optimized for Universal Remote Controller applications such as a remote controller for TV and set-top box that controls many different devices. A96R UR series features Low Power mode (1.0uA@Stop Mode), Key Scan (M-key/ T-key), and various sizes of memory ranging from 16KB to 96KB.

• RF Remote Controller MCUs
- ABOV offers total solutions for the RF Remote Controller development. Specifically, we provide all required functions for the Smart Remote Controller that allows you to control devices hidden by furniture or obstacles and implement Smart UI.
- Bluetooth Low Power Communication is most commonly used for the applications of Smart RV, IP TV, and OTT Box, and helps control the hidden devices
- Smart UI enables Contents Search through Speech Recognition, motion sensing, and touch pad.