Touch and Proximity Solution (TWS)


ABOV Semiconductor offers low-power capacitive touch sensors for TWS (True Wireless Stereo) and smart headphones. Integrated with low-power MCU and high-performance analog front-end circuit, ABOV Semiconductor’s touch sensor detects the touch key, slide, proximity, or capacitive force sensing based on the changes of capacitance.

▶ Key Features : Self capacitive touch sensor, Capacitive force touch, Smallest package, Lowest power consumption, High sensitivity,
Field-proven solution by mass producing TWS products to top-tier TWS companies
▶ Potential Application : Wireless earphones and smart headphones

Family LineUp

A96T346AUN A96T346DF A96T346HW A96T376EF A96T3A6EFN A96T375DF A96T3A5DFN A96T516HF A96T396FHN A96T516BW A96T365IF