Sensor Solution


ABOV’s Capacitive Touch Sensors offer years of field-proven solutions with high-sensitivity Touch Sensing and Conductivity Resistance (CS) 10V-tolerance. Even in noisy environment, ABOV’s Sensor Solutions are widely used for Mobile, Home Appliances, and Industries based on their stable operation and reliability.

• Touch & Proximity Solution
- A96T3/5 Touch Sensor series is a product based on M8051. It incorporates high performance capacitance Touch/ Proximity Sensor and Flash memory, and supports up to 8 channels and micro package (DFN, WLCSP). ABOV provides total solutions for the operation control such as Touch Key, Slides, and Wearable Sensing.

• Home Appliance Touch Solution
- As an MCU based on M8051, A96T Touch Sensor series offers a wide range of solutions with up to 24 channels, 32KB Flash, LEDs, and up to 28 pins.
A31G21x and A31G31x series are included in the general purpose MCU product group, which are based on the Cortex-M0+ core. They offer a total solution for applications such as White Home Appliances and Smart Devices with up to 24 channels, 128KB Flash, LEDs, and up to 64 pins.