Home Appliance Solution


As a global top 4th Home Appliance MCU company, ABOV Semiconductor is always striving to improve Home Automation, Connectivity, and Energy efficiency. We provide good convenience and comfort to customers, and manage to avoid the potential security risks, which is a very critical issue and growing in importance recently, by applying strict design rules to our products.
ABOV provides a variety of solutions such as Main Stream & Display, Motor Control, Touch, and Bluetooth for the White Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, and Smart Household Appliances. In addition, we are accelerating the research and development of high-quality, high-efficiency, and high-performance products. We offer a portfolio of 8-bit and 32-bit MCU products to help you design energy-efficient Smart Home Appliances.

• Main & Display
- ABOV Semiconductor has a rich lineup of Main Stream & Display applications. Each product line features to be an optimal solution for your application: G1 series (cost effectiveness), G2 and G3 series (high integration HMI), L1 series (Ultra Low Power and advanced peripherals), G5 series (optimal functionality for Home Appliance Main Controller), and M4 series (high performance and Advanced Integration).
Main applications include Home Appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner and Smart Home Appliance such as microware oven, water heater, and IH cooker.

• Motor Solution
- ABOV’s motor solution can reduce the system energy consumption by increasing the operational efficiency of a motor in large and small appliances. It contributes to reduce the customer development resources and manufacturing costs. Specifically, our motor solution provides a total solution for motor control that manages multiple peripherals and control algorithms used for BLDC and FOC motor operation.

• Touch Solution
- ABOV’s Touch MCUs offer solutions that have been verified in the field for years, which have high sensitivity touch sensing and withstand the CS 10V resistance. Our Touch products passed the noise test in the most barren environments are widely used in Home Appliances and Mobile and Industrial applications. Especially, it has an optimal function for the application integrating Touch and Display.

• aBLE Series
- aBLE is a single chip that implements the ABOV’s own Bluetooth Low Power technology and Ultra Low Power MCU technology. It is a product suitable for Smart Remote Control applications and meets the requirements of IoT markets that are Ultra Low Power (consumption) and Ultra Small (size).