Room Air Conditioner


ABOV offers an extensive lineup of MCU products and comprehensive solutions for Air Conditioner Control to realize advanced system controls, improved energy saving technologies, and system cost reduction which is enabled by built-in peripheral functions.

ABOV’s motor MCU controls two inverters and has a built-in floating-point Unit (FPU), making it suitable for outdoor units. The main and display MCUs are suitable for indoor units, while R Series are suitable for remote controls.

ABOV's Touch product includes our own Noise-Resistant Touch Engine. According to the user purpose, it can be a Logic type with 8-ch to 12-ch or an MCU type with 8-ch to 24-ch.

Related Products

Function Recommended Products Feature
Main & Display Solution G1 (Cortex M0+, Basic) Cortex M0+, 40MHz, 16~64KB Flash, LCD/LED Control
G2 (Cortex M0+, up to 48MHz) Cortex M0+, 48MHz, 32~256KB Flash, 1% IRC, LCD/LED Control
G3 (Cortex M0+, 48MHz, USB option) Cortex M0+, 48MHz, 64~256KB Flas, LCD/LED Control, USB option
G5 (Cortex M3, up to 75MHz) Cortex-M3, 75MHz, 128~384KB Flash, UL60730
M (32-bit High Performance) Cortex-M0+/M3/M4F, Max 120MHz, 16KB~512KB, -40℃ ~ +105℃
L1 (Cortex M0+, Low Power) Cortex M0+, CM0+, 32MHz, 16~64KB Flash, ISO-7816-3, LCD Control
L2 (Cortex M0+, Low Power) Cortex M0+, CM0+, 32MHz, 12~128KB Flash, ISO-7816-3(1-ch), LCD Control
Motor Solution FOC Solution Cortex-M0+/M3/M4F, 40MHz~120MHz, High Speed ADC 1.5Msps, -40℃ ~ +105℃, FOC Algorithm (1/3 Shunt)
BLDC Solution M8051/Cortex M0+, Touch 8-ch ~ 24-ch, 16 ~ 256KB Flash, Logic Touch. 8/12-ch, I2C
Sensor Solution Touch and Proximity Solution (TWS) M8051, Touch Max 8-ch, 16/24KB Flash, I2C
Remote Controller Solution LCD Remote Controller MCUs(R Series) M8051, Cortex M0+, LCD Control