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Three methods to register Device Flash Downloader with KEIL MDK
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  • Written date 2022-10-06 00:00:00
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Three methods to register Device Flash Downloader with KEIL MDK


To develop ABOV’s Cortex-M processor-based MCU using KEIL MDK, you must register the device you want to use with KEIL MDK.

Throughout this document, you can learn how to register the device you want to use with KEIL MDK, the most comprehensive software development solution for ARM.


 1. Register using Pack Installer


Press the   icon on the tool bar, to launch the “Pack Installer”.

[Figure 1] Selecting Pack Installer to launch

When the Pack Installer is executed, two windows appear as shown in Figure 2. Move the cursor over the left window and select the device you want to use from the “ABOV Semiconductor” drop-down menu on the Device tab. In this section, A31G226 is selected as an example.

When you select “A31G226” from the “A31G22x Series” drop-down menu, “ABOV::A31G22x_Series”’s Install button is activated on the Packs tab of the right window.

[Figure 2] Pack Installer Windows and Device Installation

Press the activated “Install” button. The status bar located at the bottom of the screen displays a status indication, and the Pack files of A31G22x Series are installed.

[[Figure 3] Device Installation Status

a.      When the Pack files installation is complete, the “Install” button changes as shown in Figure 4-a.

b.     When the message to reload the Software Packs folder appears as shown in Figure 4-b, click the “Yes” button to update the folder.

[Figure 4-1] Completing Device Installation


[Figure 4-2] Reloading Software Packs 


After successful installation, load the project file and click the “Options for Target” menu to open the option window. ­ On the Utilities tab, press the “Settings” button in the Configure Flash Menu Command field to open “CMSIS-DAP Cortex-M Target Driver Setup” window. ­ In the Programming Algorithm field of the “CMSIS-DAP Cortex-M Target Driver Setup” window, you can confirm that the Flashloader file “A31G226 256KB” is registered. See Figure 5.


[Figure 5] Checking Device Registration for Programming

Now, you can perform the debugging and flash downloads when developing ABOV 32bit MCUs in KEIL MDK ARM.

Please remember that if you tick the “Use Debug Driver” check box in the “Options for Target” window, the same debug driver as the debug interface used in Debug mode will be used for download.


2. Manually register Programming Algorithm

If the registered device is not displayed in the “Programming Algorithm” field after the registration process is complete, you must register the device manually as follows:

 Press the “Add” button shown in a blue box of Figure 6, to check if the device that you want to use, “A31G226”, is included in the list of the Add Flash Programming Algorithm window.

[Figure 6] Checking Unregistered Programming Algorithm

  If the device appears on the list, select it and press the “Add” button to complete the registration. If the device is not on the list, you must manually copy the Flashloader file (*.FLM) from the project generated by ABOV’s example code or CodeGen32.

[Figure 7] Selecting Flash Programming Algorithm


3. Manually register Programming Algorithm files

 Copy the *.FLM files to “ARM/Flash” folder on the path where the KEIL MDK ARM is installed.

The Flashloader files (*.FLM) corresponding to each device are located in the “Flashloader” folder of the project generated by ABOV’s example code or CodeGen32.